Head lice: Shine a light on these pests with NitView Ledcomb

First week back to school complete. How was it? It was a whirlwind of activity and the backpacks are full of notes coming home telling us what to expect in the coming year.

The one note we ALL DREAD getting is the yearly reminder about head lice. It doesn’t even have to be in your child’s class–just the note is enough to give you the willies and wonder, “Is my head ITCHY?” It. Is. The. Worst.

I will never forget finding lice on my child a few years ago. It had been a hectic day and we had finished shopping and were just sitting down in the food court for a snack. I always play with my kids’ hair. Just a mama ritual I have. Well, I began to play with my son’s hair and I always look for stuff (yes, I look for critters justincasedontyouknow but I *never* expected TO FIND SOME. GAH!)


I was beside myself. How long had he had it?? Had he slept in his bed with it? The boys have bunk beds. What if they were everywhere? OMG The questions were pouring through my mind. Luckily (as if there is any side of lucky when it comes to lice) this happened in winter. I called my husband from the mall, told him of the situation and asked him to strip the bed of all stuffies (in a garbage bag to sit outside in -30 for a while) and wash the linens on the hottest settings of the washer. I grabbed some tea tree oil shampoo and got a kit for treatment.

After the first treatment I was still uneasy. I spent the night combing through his short hair and it looked promising. But I now I had to go to the school and say that dreaded sentence, “My child appears to have lice.” UGH

Three treatments later and we were done but it was still traumatic and  stressful.

Now news comes out that is showing today’s lice is getting resistant to traditional treatments.

The eggs can be difficult to spot. But a new medical device launched in Canada this year can help parents easily spot lice and remove them without the use of chemical-based products. The Nitview LED Lice Detection Device incorporates ultraviolet light and a detachable comb with micro channelled teeth for removal of both lice and nits. The lice and their eggs grow under the UV light making them very easy to find among the hairs and remove them with a comb. The device can also be used to check clothing, towels and bed linen.


One of the toughest parts of the battle against lice is making sure you got every single nit and egg. A daunting task especially if you’re dealing with long hair, and then to inspect bedding, clothes, and sports equipment like helmets can be difficult. The NitviewLedcomb make this part of the process much easier with the use of the UV light. I wish I had had this a couple of years ago!

The Nitview Ledcomb

  • Makes lice and nits glow for instant and easy detection
  • Removes parasites without the use of harsh chemicals
  • Scans bedding and clothing for parasites
  • Optimizes extraction with a durable, light-weight, compact comb and UV light device.


“It’s important to remember that head lice are more of a nuisance than a serious health risk. They don’t carry disease. Chemicals and antibiotics should be considered a second line treatment,”says Jason Chan-Remillard, pharmacist at London Drugs.

Purchase your Nitview Ledcomb kit online and have shipped to your door by London Drugs.

LICE facts:

  • Head lice spread through direct hair-to-hair contact or indirectly by sharing things like hats, combs, hairbrushes and headphones.
  • Head lice don’t fly or hop, but do crawl very quickly.
  • Head lice that live on people can’t live on pets, such as cats or dogs.

For more information, visit Caring For Kids here.



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