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Be bright for travel

Road trip, cruise or flight to the Caribbean, if I’m travelling with my kids, I want to be as bright as possible.

Go ahead and take that “bright’ to mean informed, prepared and aware, but also know that I mean it in the literal sense. Being bright when you travel is one of my very best tips for family travel.

I’m bright and cheery even though my son is two steps ahead of me. Always stay visible when travelling with kids so both of you have peace of mind.

Pack bright clothes and wear them! Your kids will be able to recognize you and see you much quicker in a crowd. That’s important. Think about an airport situation with an independent 7 year old who attends the washroom on their own, or is waiting for you while you do. So many situations where instant recognition is a godsend.

The other reason to wear bright clothes on vacation is that your pictures will look so much better. Bright colours express happiness and shout “fun.”  Have fun with your kids and show it. Leave the greys and bland colours at home with the winter weather.

So, if my best travel tip is ‘be bright’ the next one is to pack snacks! Even if you are travelling to an all-inclusive resort you will need to get there first. Delays, growly tummies and favourite snack cravings are just a few reasons to stuff your purse with granola bars before you leave the house. Also consider a bag full of your child’s favourite snacks if they are picky eaters. Even a domestic trip, where you can find your favourite grocery store locally is no reason to skip the snacks in the luggage. Do you really want to spend an hour hunting down the right goldfish crackers, when you could be resting poolside or splashing with the kids?

Do you have a favourite tip? Do share in the comments!

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