School of Rock Winnipeg: Now in session

Parents, get ready to dust off the ‘ol vinyl & bell bottoms for your kids. They’re about to turn it up to 11!

School of Rock Winnipeg, now open in the heart of Corydon, is looking to get kids and teens not only interested in learning music for now, but embracing life lessons for always.


“This goes beyond the music lesson. These kids are taking instrument lessons and are becoming better, smarter players. After that is said and done, they’re now part of something special.” Mike Reis, School of Rock General Manger/Co-owner, explained. “Even if a music career is not your final goal with the School, these kids will be better human beings when they’re older! They will have made friendships that will last much longer, they will have music in their lives and will also have the social lessons learned from the rehearsal room.”

Reis, a 20-year veteran in the local music scene (including heading up ska inspired pop-punk band The Afterbeat) wasn’t the most familiar with School of Rock when he was approached to help open the local chapter, but was immediately hooked on the idea.

“I immediately asked the question when approached “oh, you mean like the movie?” to only learn that this thing was global, has been around since ’98 and was the actual reason for the movie!” Reis shares. “I met Darrel Drachenberg (franchise owner and CEO) through a mutual friend. When Darrel explained the concept, the history and the weight this program held internationally, it was game over/you had me at hello and I was on board immediately!”

With inspiring rock legends like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Rolling Stones and Guns ‘N Roses decorating the walls and speaker cases forming the front desk, the School is not only outfitted with a huge variety of classes for older kids, teens & even adults along with chances to perform what they’ve learned live, but include the preschool rock ‘n rollers in their Little Wing program.

In the few weeks since the grand opening (including a ceremonial guitar smash on the side of the building), School of Rock has had nothing, but positive reactions from anyone who steps in the door and their programs are already filling up with keen rockers. With such a smooth start, has anything particularly unexpected come up for Reis and the rest of the School of Rock team?

“Everything has been unexpected so far! That is the best part!” says Reis, excitedly. “I say this in a Kevin Costner Field of Dreams kind of way. We don’t know what to expect and, at the same time, we want to create something unexpected as well. A resurgence in live music performance, a new passion for old school Rock ‘N Roll and a method for parents to help their kids develop a sense of belonging in something with substance!

For more information on the programs offered and getting your kids (or maybe even you) registered, please visit the official School of Rock Winnipeg website.

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