Sometimes you need a little getaway

Inspiration, like parenting, is not one size fits all. Some may find their inspiration in art, fitness, or online stories but I find that travel is what really hits the mark with me.

I think with travel, it’s the change of scenery. Something that gives me perspective and forces me to be aware of my surroundings. When you travel, you can take nothing for granted. Your mind must be open, alert and aware. You are suddenly learning and doing things for the first time again. I love that. It gets my motor running.

That’s why I opted for a weekend getaway with my teen when he hit a mid season slump in his hockey. I knew I had to get him out of town for a change of scenery.


I cashed in my Air Mies for a pair of flights to Montreal. We then checked into the Sheraton Montreal Centre so we could be right across the street from the Bell Centre, home of the Montreal Canadiens.

In addition to attending the Canadiens vs Capitals game, we also took in the Canadiens ‘behind the scenes tour.’ About lunch time each day, for a small admission fee, you can have a guided tour of the arena, press box and even team locker room (locker room on non game days only).

IMG_5031The admission of $24 for adults, and $20 for youth also includes a 15 minute movie on the team’s winning history, in the Bell Centre’s theatre.

Tours are available in both French and English. To learn more, visit their web site.

Do take our word for it, it was fabulous! We found it inspirational and full of pride for Canada and for hockey. My son would tell you, the tour and our trip to Montreal was one of the best things he’s ever done.


For me, it was one of the easiest, most straightforward trips too. Whether it’s the underground tunnels, public transit, or plethora of activities, Montreal is a great city to visit and is really tourist friendly.

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