Protect your peepers and the environment: Eco-friendly eyewear

With Earth Day only a few days away we’re always looking for different ways to use more sustainable products in our everyday lives. And eyeglasses are one of those products.


ECO by MODO is an environmentally friendly eye frame line that 20/20 Eye Care carries. There are two types of frames that ECO creates. The Recycled collection, that is made from 95 per cent recycled materials, and the bio-based collection that is made up of 63 per cent plant based product.


Another great thing about the ECO eye frames is that with the purchase of one frame, one tree is planted in Cameroon, Africa. And according to MODO’s website, they have already planted over one million trees!



According to MODO’s website ECO’s mission is to add “sustainability and social responsibility to a great collection.” Alessandro Lanaro, CEO of MODO is committed to continuing their model of sustainability.


Locally, 20/20 Eye Care has been selling these ECO frames for about two years, and Dr. Kim Elcheshen says they are a popular brand. Not only are the ECO frames conscious about the environment, but they are stylish and made well. There are many different types of frame styles and colours to choose from.


When it comes to recycling eyeglasses, you can even bring your old – gently used – eye frames to 20/20 Eye Care and the glasses are forwarded to organizations that provide glasses to developing countries. Once the donated eyeglass’ prescription is determined, the glasses are given to someone in need who is closest to that same prescription. It’s a great way to help take care of our environment while helping someone in need.


This Earth Day, choose a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to plastics. From bamboo to sleek recycled and upcycled materials eyewear has evolved to keep sight of the environment and implemented conservation efforts to drive change.


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