Startoon: Vote for Canada’s Next Cartoon Superstar

It can be really difficult to find age-appropriate cartoons for kids. My kids think just because something is a cartoon, it must be meant for them and that’s not the case. So when I was introduced to Startoon, the concept was very interesting, and moreso, because it would be Canadian content.


Backed by the Shaw Rocket Fund, Startoon is an online talent show designed to connect to creators and find new, original animated characters that could star in a series for kids aged 6 to 11. Think of it as a new way to make cartoons!

Startoon will supply a production budget of up to $25,000 to make an animated short or pilot featuring the winner’s character(s). And this is the best part–you can vote to help pick the winner! Startoon is currently in the Knock-Out Rounds (BAM!) of four rounds featuring sweaty cartoon mayhem. They are going to be whittled down to 3 finalists – 2 of which will be chosen by their judges. But the third spot is all about the fans, so head over to Startoon, watch the submissions with your family and VOTE. Startoon will announce the big winner on Wednesday, October 12!



Check out the 3 finalists here. And don’t forget to VOTE for your favourite.


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