Advent Activity Calendar: No candy here, just fun!

By Gabriela Klimes

Tomorrow is December 1. TOMORROW IS DECEMBER 1!!! How is your To Do list, momma? Freaking out, yet?

Honestly, I am doing pretty good.  And I have a little ace up my sleeve to tell you about.

Since my oldest was 2 years old, I’ve planned an Activity Advent calendar. Like a traditional advent, it’s a countdown to Christmas Eve. Unlike a traditional Advent, rather than chocolate or candy, it’s 24 days of crafts and activities leading up to Christmas eve. OK, maybe there is some candy when it comes to decorating the gingerbread house. 🙂

It seems crazy, I know. People tell me it’s crazy. It seems like so much to chew off at an exceptionally busy time of year. But – stick with me here – the real story is that the Activity Advent is sanity making.

You see, being a full-time working mom who also – like all parents – wants to build holiday traditions and memories for my children, committing to the Activity Advent ensures that I plan and organize many of the things we want to do (and some of the stuff we need to do) leading up to Christmas.

Letters to Santa? It’s an Advent activity.
Long week? One Friday, the activity is jammies, hot cocoa and Christmas movies.
Make cards for teachers? Yup, we’re doing that Dec. 12.
Putting out milk and cookies for the Big Guy? That’s always the activity on Dec. 24.

The Activity advent also allows our family to intentionally build giving back into this time of year. One of our activities is a shopping trip for items to donate to holiday hampers. We’ll collecting some of the girls’ books for a book fair at the Children’s Hospital.

I hope you follow our Advent adventures along at @pixbygk on Instagram.  And whether you are inspired to try your own Activity Advent, or you got your kids a chocolate calendar, or you are doing nothing at all, I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday.






Last year, on December 19, we tried cross-country skiing.
Last year, on December 19, we tried cross-country skiing.


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