SaveOn Foods: The Grocery Game Just Got Hotter in Winnipeg

If you listen to QX 104 or 94.3 The Drive, have bought a local Subaru, or shopped at a SaveOn Foods in Western Canada, you will see how Jim Pattison approaches business. The debut of SaveOn Foods in the Winnipeg market caught some grocers by surprise. The stores are unlike anything Winnipeg has seen. Outside of the new Sobeys Sage Creek, grocers have been getting by on the same old, same old for quite a while.

SaveOn Foods enters this market with a game-changing approach–the customer experience comes first and it’s about extending that brand promise with technology and the basic services most larger markets have had for a while now. This includes a wide variety of ready-made, in-house made foods and the option for shopping online and having your groceries delivered or picked-up in-store. The delivery option is especially appealing. (Family Foods and Food Fare have delivery too but the selection is likely wider at a SaveOn Foods, and the ability to order online, create a profile, and see your orders versus phoning them in is definitely new.)

If you shop at Costco, you know what is the busiest area of the store? The concession area. Now imagine that concession area is full of hot, prepped take-out, a frozen yogurt bar, a wing bar, sushi, dim sum, pizza, and a candy bar? Well, then you’ve been to SaveOn Foods flagship store on McPhillips. All of these are ready to go for the busy shopper. Even better? Why not just feed the kids while you are there? IKEA knows this. Costco knows this. And it’s clear SaveOn Foods gets it.

The flagship store at McPhillips hosts their ethnic food section. From Eastern European treats to West Indian spices and fruit, the selection is diverse and hosts some items I hadn’t seen in other stores. Their bulk section is great for bakers too with prices that can easily beat Bulk Barn or Superstore.

The 101-year-old company is the oldest grocery company in western Canada, with most of its locations in B.C. and Alberta.

Their second store is on St. James Street and the third is located in the Bridgwater Forest area. Needless to say, our kids loved it (especially the FroYo bar) and with the St. James store in our neighbourhood we will be checking it out on a regular basis.

Happy shopping, Winnipeg!



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