Quick, let’s get outta here!

Snow, cold(s) and/or stress of the holiday season getting to you? Time to get out of dodge? I have a few suggestions.

1) Vegas. It’s very inexpensive this time of year. You can have a week in a 4 star hotel, flights included for under $600. What you spend your money on once you’re there, is up to you. Just know you have to be back before New Year’s or your bill blows up like fireworks and you’ll pay 5 times the price. (Hot departure dates, December 13th, 16th, 18th.)

2) Palm Springs. It’s always hot in the desert. There are direct flights from Winnipeg, a few times a week, so you are never more than 3.5 hours away from a palm tree and the California sun. Go December 18th to 22nd and you can take a friend for $1125. (Westjet Package.) Stay at the inexpensive, but ideally located Palm Mountain Resort, and you are never more than 50 steps away from the Palm Springs Starbucks and boutique shopping.

Screenshot of the fabulous Palm Springs deal. Be back, tanned and potentially stress free before Christmas! Other hotels available.


3) Mazatlan or Varadero. You could have at least a 4 star vacation for $1100 per person, or less, as long as you leave before December 18th. (Westjet or Sunwing.)

With school break falling late this year, your holiday season prices peak December 26th to January 6. Expect to pay $2000 per person, or more to see the sun during this time period.

Bonus offer: I was quite surprised to see a Westjet package for 2 adults, and 2 children to Disneyworld (staying on-site at All-Star Movies) at $3700. It departs December 20th and returns December 27th. Or, choose the moderate category hotel Disney Coronado Springs for about $4100. That’s flights, hotel, shuttle and taxes for a week, over Christmas, to Disney! Bargain! (Park passes, 800 souvenirs and food extra.)

Priced here for 2 adults. With 2 children, the total becomes $3700. Price subject to change or sell out without notice.


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