Teacher Gifts They’ll Love on Academy Road

It’s that time of year again where all parents are counting down the number of school lunches left. Of course, the year seems to have flown by and it’s time to thank the awesome teachers who have taught our kids in and out of the classroom.

We’re taking the stress out of teacher gifts with some lovely selections all available on Academy Road and celebrate shopping local.

Whine and Cheese

For the teacher who may have put up with a lot from your child (LOL), we love pairing some wine and cheese from GJ Andrews. The selection is fantastic with many hard-to-find favourites and unique offerings for your favourite teacher.



When it comes to local pampering Tiber River products and services are top notch. Gift certificates are welcome for any teacher who wants to schedule in some me-time this summer and don’t forget about their locally made products either. They are made with care and it shows.


Fruit-astic! And Chocolate, of course.

If you’re into group gifts and want to give something everyone can enjoy in the staff room away from the kids then Frootables are perfect! Ace the end-of-year gift with fruit-dipped happiness for all. Veggies and cheese are possible too! The selection is great delivery is available.

If chocolates are your way of getting an A+ Bernard Callebaut has a delicious selection sure to make you teacher’s pet.


The gift of massage would be welcome for any teacher who has spent time on their feet all year. Academy Massage has gift certificates available online. We love facials and skin treatments too to pamper your favourite educator. European Skin Care Plus has a full slate of relaxing services to choose from and gift cards are available.


One of our favourite things to include in teacher gifts is a note from the child sharing what they enjoyed the most about this teacher’s class and maybe what they found the most interesting this year. No matter how you plan to spoil your child’s teacher here’s to a safe and fun summer for everyone!



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