CONTEST: Cleaning the house. Truth is, I’d rather not.

Housecleaning is the least fun part of adulting. I used to enjoy cleaning. I’m well-versed in the ways of the mops, brooms, cloths (and goodness knows there are so many different kinds of cloths you can use), and let’s not forget the cleaners. I’ve gone from the harsh chemicals to the all natural but none of it makes cleaning fun. I mean, let’s be real.

I used to clean the house Friday nights when the kids were asleep. It was my way of getting a jump start on the weekend and waking up feeling accomplished on Saturday. Oh yeah, #treatyoself.

Young woman cleaning at home, she has a cleaning day and using a vacuum cleaner cleaning products and a bucket but she does not feel like it
Then I discovered hiring someone to clean the house for me. (OK, I could say for us–but again, let’s be real and know this was for me.) She would come in and get it done while I snuck out with the kids. I would come home and it was clean! It was amazing! Like cleaning fairies had come and gone and left the place sprinkled in fairy dust and tidied like a KonMari photoshoot.

A research study published this summer found that hiring a housecleaner could actually make you happier. (But seriously, we needed a study for this? At least now we have scientific proof, my friends). The University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School published their results in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences finding that buying time makes people happier than buying material things. KonMari that, dear readers.

UBC psychology professor and study author Elizabeth Dunn said although the idea of being happier by having someone clean your home or do other unwanted chores seems obvious, the study found even small investments like shopping at a more expensive, but closer-to-home, grocery store makes a difference.

And yes, even if you’re wise enough to have someone cleaning your home, you still have to pick-up everyday somewhat. But it is a lovely type of weightloss to be rid of the burden of worrying about when the house is going to be cleaned somewhere between hockey practice and piano lessons. Even if you can treat yourself to a clean on those busy weeks or times, it is well worth it. Please don’t think of this as frivolous spending. You owe yourself time, quality time with your spouse, with your kids, with your furbaby, or even a quiet backyard moment and owe NO ONE an explanation about why outsourcing your toilet bowl cleaning is the best decision you’ve made in a while. But if you want to, point them to that journal article. It’s science, people. 😉


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