Hecla Getaway: Recharge and Reconnect

Getting away for a couple of days after the busyness of the school year is underway can be a welcome time for families to reconnect and recharge. Summer was all too short and I was looking forward to a time when the kids would have some days off school so we could sneak away. Normally we would go somewhere just a few hours from home. But this time I wanted to try something new. In August, I had seen a golf special posted at the Lakeview Hotel in Gimli. My husband is an avid golfer and is trying to get the kids into it too (I think he’s accepted I’m a lost cause for now, LOL) and put that info in the back of my mind for the time being.

Fast forward to mid-September and I’m itching for a getaway with the kids. I did some research online and thought—Hecla. There’s a place we haven’t been. We hadn’t been north of Gimli save for a Cub Scouts drop-off at Gimli Bible Camp last spring and with the fall colours, I figured we would be in for a treat.


My husband was excited to golf Hecla (finally!) and our oldest son would golf it with him too. Then it would be up to me to entertain the two younger ones for five hours or so. How hard could that be? Hahaha


We picked up the kids after school, packed up the car, and hit the road by 5:30 PM. Everyone was excited and looking forward to a beautiful drive. The highway was sprinkled with farms that were busy with harvest and it was an opportune time to talk with the kidlets about how hard farmers work. With Thanksgiving around the corner, the kids were delighted to share the many ways they are each thankful for farmers and the food they provide us. It was a sweet conversation against the backdrop of combines working hard in the fields as we sped past.

As we approached the causeway into Hecla Provincial Park, our middle child (who is quite into iPhone photography) was the first to notice the very full and rising harvest moon. What a spectacular sight to behold. We pulled over, and watched the gorgeous moon rise quickly on the horizon. What a start to our family getaway.

Once we checked in to our room (with a great view of the greenspace behind the Lakeview property) the kids were in their suits and begging to hit the waterpark. This was all for the kids, so off we went. Three-stories of twisty-turning waterslides and they were up and down about a hundred times of course. They collapsed into bed excited for a day to explore Hecla and golf.

Can you believe these colours from our trip to Hecla Island in beautiful #Manitoba? Thanks to TELUS for connecting me while we were all the way out here! Loving the improvements that TELUS has made to their network in Manitoba! #TELUS #TELUSConnectsMB #Sponsored

The next morning, we headed to breakfast at Seagull’s and the kids were already talking about the waterpark again. We finished breakfast and Mike and Jack headed to golf, and the littles and me took off to wander. I didn’t really think we were going to end up going on a hike to the lighthouse but we did. The pictures don’t do it justice. The colours were stunning. Absolutely gorgeous. The kids did great and hiked the whole way. The temperature was cool but it was fantastic. We stopped to admire the foliage numerous times along the way, picked rocks, founds sticks, and were genuinely concerned about the number of zebra mussels we saw (kids would not stop lecturing me about these. It was so cute but fiercely sincere too).

We caught up with Mike and Jack after their round of golf at the waterpark (of course). Jack scored a 94 (!) was pumped with this score. A few hundred more times on the waterslide and our time away was coming to a close.


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Disclosure: Although this post is sponsored by TELUS, all opinions are my own.


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