WE Day Manitoba 2017: Hope in young faces and hearts

Our family loves WE Day. I first took my oldest son in 2012. He was young at the time but the day had a lasting impression for sure. As an adult there is something about being in a room with youth who have nothing but hope and optimism for the future—and who know they have the ability to make change happen. This year we were pleased to join with one of WE Day’s biggest sponsors, TELUS!

I took my middle son last year and he was so inspired he started a food drive at his school. He and his classmates rallied the whole school to raise more than 1,300 lbs. of fresh, organic vegetables for Winnipeg Harvest with Fresh Option Organic Delivery as a partner. It was truly an unforgettable day for him that showed he could be an agent for change and inspire others to join too.


This year, the speaker highlights were even more meaningful to youth trying to navigate the world that can be seen as scary, even to adults. We once again have headlines threatening nuclear war, climate change and environmental disasters running across our TVs and mobile screens. But these youth are not afraid to jump in and take charge. The sea of faces in the audience were full of vision and fire in their bellies. What a sight to behold.

The lineup this WE Day Winnipeg was inspirational and comprised of people who take action every day to make the world a better place. From Spencer West to Carol Todd to Hannah Alper—attendees were witness to the proof that no matter where you come from, your age, your ability—one person does have the power to change the world.


Extra special shout out to the amazing, divine Jully Black and the Kenyan Boys’ Choir that closed off the WE Day festivities by sending us all off with the joyous gift of song and hope for a better tomorrow.

WE Day was an amazing opportunity to be inspired and moved to action by today’s youth! The energy, optimism, and commitment to making our world a better place in the room shows me this generation is already changing the world. Thank you to TELUS for sponsoring and hosting WinnipegMom.ca!

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