Eat Your Veggies AND Help Your Child’s School: Farm to School 2018

All schools and licensed daycares across Manitoba are welcome to enroll in this fall fundraising program that provides great returns, supports local farmers, and offers healthy vegetables around Manitoba. Fundraising orders will be accepted until December 12, 2018 so there’s plenty of time to get involved!

Why participate in Farm to School MB Healthy Choice Fundraiser? 🥕🥔

1. Support your school’s nutrition guidelines
2. Support local farmers
3. Delicious veggies are offered at or below store price
4. Registered schools and licensed daycares make great profit returns!

Not yet registered? No problem, enroll your school today at:

Imagine a semi-truck full of fresh Canadian grown vegetables delivered directly to your K-12 school or licensed daycare located anywhere in Manitoba! Schools can up to 50% profit off this fundraiser which is great. Be strategic–group the orders so your school can benefit from the group sales and use the fund to pay for a new play structure or water bottle fountain like other local schools have in the past.

This healthy fundraiser helps promote healthy eating by supporting school and daycare nutrition polices. All produce used in the fundraiser is locally grown by Manitoba farmers, ensuring the quality of vegetables is fresh and locally produced. Farm To School also helps support community food banks throughout Manitoba. Participating fundraisers have the option of donating produce directly to the Manitoba Association of Food Banks with delivery included by Farm to School Manitoba.

As for recipes using some of the veggies in the Farm to School vegetable pack, here are a few of our favourites:

Mini Carrot Cake Loaves from Canadian Living. I made them into muffins just so they would be smaller for school lunches.

Baked Parsnip Fries

Chicken & Smokey Cheddar Stuffed Potatoes

Here’s to veggie goodness for kids and grown-ups alike. Involve the kids as much as you can in the recipes because they will have fun and learn how enjoyable cooking is at any age.

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