Hi-Vis Wear for Kids: It’s Smart to be Seen

As we fall back one hour this weekend, we look forward to more daylight. Life with kids means more time is always on our wish list and daylight hours even moreso. When the kids come home from school it’s a great time for them to get together with their neighbourhood friends and hang out, play, and be outside.

Playing outside as dusk comes can come with danger though. A fantastic Canadian company has designed some cool, kid-friendly gear to help keep kids safe while enjoying their play and outdoor activities. ZAPPED gear is highly visible reflective street-wear disguised as rad everyday essentials for school aged kids. Using a custom-made durable reflective fabric, kids can play hard AND be seen. Their active urban gear includes a ball cap, jacket, backpack, slip-on sneakers and fleece-lined high top shoes, illuminating your kids head-to-toe while still blending in.

Our 11 year old was thrilled with his ZAPPED shoes that made him feel more comfortable about skateboarding as the sun fades. He loved the cozy fleece-lining in the shoes and they were stylish too. Along with the ZAPPED flat bill, FULLY REFLECTIVE mesh-backed ball cap he was sailing down the sidewalk feeling cool and I could SEE him which made me feel better too.

So how does it work? We loved learning about the technology behind the fabric too.

Sam’s high tops and you can see how the distinct fabric patterns would work and their reflective properties.

Sam loves his ZAPPED gear and the style fits into most kids’ looks. “Mama, these shoes are so comfy. They are great on my skateboard too!” That’s a testimonial I can feel great and safe about as we head into those dark, cold months. Here’s to keeping our kids happy and SAFE outside while they play hard.

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