How your next coffee can plant the seed of sustainability

It can be overwhelming to think about how to help the environment and promote sustainability in our modern world. How can we take steps to make a difference that will actually affect change? 7-Eleven Canada took a step towards a more sustainable future, partnering with local restoration groups within each province to help rehabilitate damaged landscapes and offset their carbon footprint, one hot beverage cup at a time.


As part of their new Buy This Cup, Plant a Plant program, 7-Eleven will plant a plant for every hot beverage cup purchased at any 7-Eleven Canada store. All plants are native to their specific restoration sites and play a direct role in rehabilitating the local habitat. The program could help grow 20 million plants per year and is part of 7-Eleven Canada’s ongoing effort to set a new sustainability standard in the convenience retail industry.


“This program is our most ambitious sustainability effort to date. Not only will it help restore some of the natural landscapes that make Canada so unique, but it will help revitalize our local communities by creating more green jobs,“ says Doug Rosencrans, VP and General Manager of 7-Eleven Canada. “This program is just the beginning for us,” said Rosencrans. “As the largest chain in the convenience retail industry, we have a unique opportunity to positively impact the environment on a global scale.”


7-Eleven Canada has already begun to shift consumer behavior to be more environmentally friendly through initiatives like their refill program, which rewards customers for using reusable mugs with 50 cent hot beverage refills. This year, they introduced 7-Eleven RENEW™, a program that helps offset tailpipe emissions by planting trees and investing in carbon emissions offset projects every time a customer gases up at participating 7-Eleven locations in British Columbia. The Buy This Cup, Plant a Plant program is an exciting addition to their push for a greener tomorrow.


To help kick things off, 7-Eleven will host a Canada-wide FREE coffee week from Monday, November 19th until Saturday, November 24th. 7Rewards members get one small cup per day of 7-Eleven Canada’s Exclusive Blend coffee, which took home a trophy from the world’s largest coffee roasters competition: The Golden Bean Award. Customers can download the 7-Eleven App to participate. Small batch roasted in Canada, 7-Eleven’s coffee is a delicious way to help restore the planet! For more information on 7-Eleven Canada’s Buy This Cup, Plant a Plant program, click here.

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