Date Night

Salt-Water Moon Opening Night

Salt-Water Moon, A Love Story Salt-Water Moon is now playing in Winnipeg at the Prairie Theatre Exchange. It first premiered in Winnipeg in 1986, and it is back for us to enjoy once again. Eager audience members filled the theatre Thursday, January 25, for the opening night. As the beginning […]

It’s Fried Chicken Fest, January 21-28

First Fried Chicken Fest Is On: Are Your Stretchy Pants Ready? It’s the ultimate competition to find the best fried chicken in the city. From January 21 to 28, restaurants across the city and surrounding area serve up their best fried chicken creation to eager foodies who will seek to […]

54-40 at Nashville’s: Nice to Luv You

In 1995, a band named Hootie and the Blowfish covered a sweet little ditty by Canadian rockers 54-40 propelling this song into the stratosphere and onto an official Friends CD (that I may have owned). Baby Ran has always been a personal favourite. And if you’re a diehard fan then […]

Poutine Cup: Book the Sitter Now! Best Date Night Ever.

Third Annual Poutine Cup Challenges Chefs while Poutine-Lovers Win It has been said that the best dishes contain only 3 ingredients. This stands true for the classically Canadian dish known as poutine, which contains the holy trinity of French fries, cheese curds, and gravy. According to poutine-lovers, it is truly […]