Summer is here: Have you checked your backseat today?

School is out. Sleeping in happen more often in your house. Kids may be going to day camps or you will have vacations booked. Bottom line: your routine is about to change. And that could mean death for the most vulnerable members of your family. According to a new report […]

best apps for back to school 2016

Best Back to School Apps for 2016

Back to school means back into the swing of things, getting organized, and keeping everyone on the same page especially where schedules are concerned. Here are our Top 5 (and a few of bonus ones too) app recommendations for the student, teacher, or family to make the school year smooth […]

Mommy Confessions: When Mother’s Day isn’t for you

#WPGMomConfessions The secrets we get in our mailbox are fresh, frank, and REAL. Today’s is especially hard to read and will make you cry like we did. We moms have stories to share. We have things to get off our chests. There is NO JUDGMENT here. And best of all, […]

Devices: How much is too much for their eyes?

Some of the most common “nagging” I heard as a child included “don’t sit so close to the TV!” and “don’t read in the dark!” followed by “you’ll hurt your eyes!”. Fast forward a couple of decades, multiple pairs of glasses and one laser eye surgery later, I now know […]