School of Rock Winnipeg: Now in session

Parents, get ready to dust off the ‘ol vinyl & bell bottoms for your kids. They’re about to turn it up to 11! School of Rock Winnipeg, now open in the heart of Corydon, is looking to get kids and teens not only interested in learning music for now, but […]

GeoSafari Jr

Learning Toys Ignite Creative Play and Critical Thinking

With the holidays just around the corner, kids are building wish lists (or like mine, have been building them since last Christmas). As the kids get older the wish lists get more complicated and steeped in technology. But when they are little, they just want something fun and stimulating to […]

Dinosaur Craft: Shapes and Textures

This craft is simple and fun for all ages. Children can use a variety of shapes to create different art. Let their imaginations flow! Supplies: glue stick scrap paper of various colours small round paper plates (coloured ones are fun for this craft) toothpicks corrugated cardboard or other scraps of […]