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spring break camps winnipeg

Spring break in Winnipeg: Camps and more

Spring break is almost here! We’re ready. The kids are ready. But is your schedule ready? If you’re working parents, Spring Break can sneak up on you (it always seems to sneak up on me!) ::: Here’s our rundown on Spring Break camps and activities around Winnipeg. Winnipeg Art Gallery […]

Recipe: Fluffy biscuits with a Winnipeg twist

My middle child loves to be in the kitchen with me. He loves getting in there, getting his hands covered in flour and helping me. These biscuits were made at his request. He helped me make these and was delighted with the final product. INGREDIENTS 2 c. all-purpose flour (I […]

GeoSafari Jr

Learning Toys Ignite Creative Play and Critical Thinking

With the holidays just around the corner, kids are building wish lists (or like mine, have been building them since last Christmas). As the kids get older the wish lists get more complicated and steeped in technology. But when they are little, they just want something fun and stimulating to […]

Manitoba Museum Goes Wild with Earth Explorers

New temporary exhibit ventures to Earth’s spectacular eco-zones Learn what it takes to explore the wildest places on the planet at National Geographic Presents: Earth Explorers, a new touring exhibit that opens at The Manitoba Museum on October 3, 2015 and runs through April 24, 2016. The exhibit follows National […]

5 tips for school lunches kids will love

I’ve often said if my children’s school had a hot lunch program it would be like winning the lottery. I would never again have to fuss over what to put in those bright lunch kits only to have the items I lovingly packed sent home. I send good, wholesome food […]