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Hecla Getaway: Recharge and Reconnect

Getting away for a couple of days after the busyness of the school year is underway can be a welcome time for families to reconnect and recharge. Summer was all too short and I was looking forward to a time when the kids would have some days off school so […]

Best Travel Apps and Tips for Families 2016

If you’re planning a trip to a warmer destination in early 2017, it can be exciting and stressful too especially if you’re traveling with kids. Traveling with kids adds a whole other dimension to the things that can go wrong or sideways on a trip. How to keep the travel […]

Quick, let’s get outta here!

Snow, cold(s) and/or stress of the holiday season getting to you? Time to get out of dodge? I have a few suggestions. 1) Vegas. It’s very inexpensive this time of year. You can have a week in a 4 star hotel, flights included for under $600. What you spend your […]

So much to do in Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland was more than I expected. There’s two reasons for my modest expectations, I think. The first is that its not a heavily marketed city or state. Cleveland, Ohio. Who ever sees an ad for Ohio? I think the only thing I knew was that Drew Carey, and his sitcom, […]

That time I took my son to the bar

I knew that Fort Lauderdale had a party-town reputation but I never anticipated I would find myself at a bar, with my 10 year-old. We were hungry and looking for our first meal of the vacation when we left our hotel that afternoon. Our destination was “Coconuts” the restaurant just […]