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Zoom Recess For Kids During COVID-19: Fun With Friends

You know that saying you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone? I have that feeling a lot this week. Today, I went to my children’s school to pick up her shoes. There were very few kids, no one outside, no laughter, no organized chaos in the hallway, and […]

CONTEST: Cleaning the house. Truth is, I’d rather not.

Housecleaning is the least fun part of adulting. I used to enjoy cleaning. I’m well-versed in the ways of the mops, brooms, cloths (and goodness knows there are so many different kinds of cloths you can use), and let’s not forget the cleaners. I’ve gone from the harsh chemicals to […]

NEW: Mommy Confessions (Read this one, then submit your own!)

This is the first episode of #WPGMomConfessions We put out a call a few weeks ago and immediately our inbox was busting with your secrets. They are fresh, frank, and REAL. You ladies did not hold back. And we appreciate it. Being a mom is HARD. It is sometimes THANKLESS […]