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Travel points: Is your credit card working for you?

I have been collecting Air Miles for as long as I can remember. I have been flying Air Canada and collecting Aeroplan points since 2003 (since our honeymoon). And I can count the number of times we have redeemed points for a free flight on half of a hand. Sound […]

Twitter Party: #BestB4Dates with Manitoba Chicken

Best-before dates aren’t a guarantee that food is safe to eat. Other factors, such as the way food is stored, can make a big difference. For dry food, such as cookies, crackers and pasta, best-before dates are a guarantee of freshness and flavour, and don’t mean that food past that […]

5 tips for school lunches kids will love

I’ve often said if my children’s school had a hot lunch program it would be like winning the lottery. I would never again have to fuss over what to put in those bright lunch kits only to have the items I lovingly packed sent home. I send good, wholesome food […]